Eminem v. The Cannons

As I was searching to get new content on this new blog… I found this: New Music: Mariah Carey “Obsessed”. Before I even played the track, I knew it was big MC about to “diss” Eminem. (ps… it’s in quotes because R&B isn’t really dissing, is it?)

Here’s my 2cents:
We all know that Eminem was ‘seeing’ Mariah back in like 2000 or 2001. (Sorry Nick, its true.) I’ve even seen friends of mine point binoculars at Mariah’s penthouse in Tribeca or somewhere down there. (Yeah I know, it sounds crazy stalker-like.) The same dudes prank called MC with Em. So stop with the lying and denying ish. Unless she was too coked up to remember or maybe its Em that was high at the time he got to see those sexy lady lumps.

So it happened, let’s have a laugh about it, I’m sure that’s what they may have agreed to. But little Nicky had to come in and play the tough guy. Come on dawg… Come on Nicky C. Why can’t you just laugh at Eminem’s nonsense and keep it moving? Everyone know Eminem can’t rap no more. He’s a big clown! A damn payaso Nick. Wasn’t it Jay-z that once said ‘… don’t argue with fools, cause from a distance people can’t tell who is who…’ All I’m saying is that, damn it Nick, you aren’t a tough guy, and you know you’re messing up your funny/nice guy image. Take it easy before you’re kicked out of Hollywood. LOL.

So Mrs MC, what do you think this track is gonna do? Help you promote your album right? Come on girl… You don’t need that ish.
If they both (Nick and Mariah) had gone the Kim Kardashian route and just laughed it off, it wouldn’t add any fuel to this fire.

Oh well… Kids will be kids I guess. But it would be cool if Eminem ‘leaked’ some kind of teabagging pics or something. No?

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