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To prepare you for the release of the Idle Warship + Mick Boogie mixtape collabo Party Robot, out this Monday at, we sat down for an exclusive interview with Idle Warship’s Talib Kweli and Graph Nobel.

iR: What does Idle Warship mean to you?

Graph: IW, great group to be a part of, fun fun fun. I really appreciate the fact that everyone loves every ones talent… we all think really different from each other so the collabo has been brilliantly entertaining. It’s an honor to be able to rap with Talib and Res is extremely powerful in voice, style and presence. She motivates me.

iR: What’s your favorite song on the mixtape?

Kweli: My favorite song on the mixtape is Bedroom Lights. It is one of the first songs we worked on together, it is exciting, and it is a true experience. Women will love this song.

Graph: Mine too!

iR: Have you reached a lot of new fans and markets by doing the IW project?

Kweli: For me, Idle Warship has brought me new fans and lost me some as well. That’s healthy though. I AM hip hop, thru and thru. I rep the culture in the best way I possibly can, and I have many albums to prove it. Idle Warship did not start as something for the fans, it was us just being free, having fun. Now that we are putting music out the fans can have it, and judge how they want. But the true fan knows my pedigree. I have Reflection Eternal coming out this year as well.

iR: Tell us a little about Graph Nobel…

[Click Image To Download]

Graph: I’m a singer/songwriter/emcee from Toronto Canada; an artist who loves music. A genre hopper, I hope people enjoy the things I contribute to.

iR: Talib…You’re one of the few rappers doing real lyrics over uptempo club friendly beats. Feels good right?

Kweli: Music is supposed to make you feel good. To include a message every time is difficult. Hopefully whatever the message is, the music is powerful enough to make you feel good. Dancing is great. I can’t dance, but I love making people dance. Who wouldn’t?

iR: Last words?

Graph: Check out on Monday to download our album Party Robot. We think you’ll really enjoy it. Thanks for reading this!

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