In The NFL: Week 6


What’s up, on time this week. I went a mediocre 9-7 last week, which brings me to 52-24 (I believe). Let’s get this shit going!

Ravens at Minnesota: This is the first time in Brett Favre’s career that one of his teams is 5-0. The Ravens are trying to stop it from being the first season he goes 6-0. Cam Cameron and the Baltimore offense were playing solid football before their week 5 (17-14) intra-divisional loss to the Bengals; their running game will have a hard time getting started against the Williams wall, but the Vikings secondary could have a rough time against Derrick Mason and Joe Flacco. Unless the Ravens can put everything back together, Brett Favre will be receiving the first 6-0 start of his career this week, but it will be close.

Giants at New Orleans: This is the test of the week. Whoever wins this game will own the early season crown for the best team in the NFC. The Giants defense is the emphasis here. Drew Brees hit a bit of a rough patch the last two weeks, but the running game took place in complete dominance; if both somehow decide to work at the same time (the running game & Brees) they will be even more unstoppable. It should be noted that this also appears to be the toughest opponent yet for the New York Giants. The Saints defense will hold tight and the Saints will be the talk of ESPN all week long.

Bears at Atlanta: The Bears acquiring Gaines Adams Friday night could prove to be a good move in the long run, but Adams isn’t yet the dominating force that some questionable media heads are making him out to be, and will likely be inactive for Sunday’s matchup anyway. The Falcons offense dismantled the 49ers last week, a defense which had looked sharp in the past; the Bears should be worried. When it’s all said and done, the Falcons should win this game by at least 10 points.

Broncos at San Diego: This year’s early sensation has been Josh McDaniel’s Broncos. Everyone outside of Colorado pegged them to win 4 games the whole year, and they’ve already made that impossible. The Chargers are at their home and that will most definitely be a factor seeing has how the Broncos have had the luxury of playing 3 of their first 5 at home. San Diego will burn the midnight oil and win this one by 3.

The rest of this week’s matches:

Texans at Cincinnati
Lions at Green Bay
Rams at Jacksonville
Browns at Pittsburgh
Panthers at Tampa Bay
Chiefs at Washington
Eagles at Oakland
Cardinals at Seattle
Titans at New England
Bills at New York

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