In The NFL: Week 7


What’s up people. It’s week 7 in the NFL, I’m 61-29 overall on the year, hoping to end the week 74-29. Let’s open this shit up.

Vikings at Pittsburgh: This is an interesting game; The Steelers two losses come from close losses, whilst three of the Vikings wins were by a narrow margin. The Steelers will have to rely on Ben Roethlisberger, because the Williams Wall will again completely dominate the trenches. The Vikings will take this game by 3.

Falcons at Dallas: Dallas is at a crossroads in their season. ESPN has been talking about it all week, this is a must-win for Dallas; which is exactly why they will lose. The Falcons are too powerful offensively, and Dallas isn’t strong enough at enough positions to do anything more than keep it interesting.

Bears at Cincinnati: This should be a close game. The Bengals get the advantage solely because they’ll be playing in Cincinnati. Jay Cutler hasn’t quite lived up to his price tag yet, but if he can get it together and build up some consistency, this could be the game where he shows his full worth. The Bengals will barely scrap by for the win.

Saints at Miami: This game will be interesting to see how well Chad Henne will fair against the suddenly respectable Saints defense. The Dolphins blew the Saints out of the water in their last meeting, but the way that the Saints debacled the Giants last week should lead everyone to believe that it will be the other way around this year.

The rest of this week’s picks:

Patriots vs Buccaneers
Packers at Cleveland
49ers at Houston
Colts at St. Louis
Chargers at Kansas City
Bills at Carolina
Jets at Oakland
Cardinals at New York
Eagles at Washington

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