My New Twitter: yomikewaxx

Pardon the interruption, but last night my Twitter and the illRoots Twitter were both permanently suspended. This is rumored to be because 50 Cent’s team reported people that Tweeted links to Before I Self Destruct leaks. #ouch. Bloggers watch out.
I set up a new account for myself and need to get my followers back! I had almost 2,500 a few hours ago, and it would mean a lot if you would hit your boy up.
Whenever I get 100 new followers, I will make a post on illRoots giving away an iR t-shirt to people that follow me or the new illRoots Twitter account (once it’s set up I’ll make a post)
If you used to follow me or know me in person, you’d realize how obsessed with serious I take Twitter.
Feel free to leave your Twitter links below.
Appreciate it, lets get things moving!

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