Three Gucci Mane Mixtapes Dropping Tomorrow

“People need to be near a computer on 10/17 at 10:17 p.m. — DJ Drama, DJ Scream and DJ Holiday, The Cold War, a three-part series, three tapes,” Drama said, calling the new mixtape series “very worldly. It’ll definitely make sense. Look for some big records on there. All original [songs].”
On Friday (October 16), DJ Holiday brought more clarity to the situation, telling MTV News that The Cold War series stars none other than one Gucci Mane.
“Gucci wants to flood the streets, takeover,” DJ Holiday said. “The mixtape is called The Cold War, and it’ll be a three-part series, [subtitled] Gucci America, Burr Britain and Burr Russia. They’re droppin’ Saturday at 10:17 p.m.”

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