The Root Of All Evil (Wk 2: Tom Hardy)

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Thanks to everyone who downloaded our debut week with Sean Price, we are back again now with a young upcoming guy that I feel is someone to watch in the upcoming months. Tom Hardy is signed to 9th Wonder and in the previous months has dropped a very quality tape with Don Cannon and 9th hosting. I’ve been following his progress since I first heard him through our Kooley High family in North Carolina. Look out for next week as we will be featuring our homie Consequence and debuting the illRoots Mailbag. The Mailbag is still open so remember to call into (202) 596-6473 and ask whatever you want to the one and only Cons. We will be closing the phone lines on Wednesday at Midnight EST so get your questions in soon.

PREVIOUSLY: The Root Of All Evil (WK 1: Sean Price)

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