OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD: Now, hating or healing…?

Watup FDNY

While some hold their breath in anticipation of retaliation, millions of people feel a sense of pride and relief with the world event that is Osama Bin Laden’s death. The news conjures feelings of unity, joy and maybe closure to many who took the time to honor those murdered at the hands of terrorists on 9/11. Thus, it was disappointing to hear a mutual friend and high-school history teacher refer to the President’s announcement as “A partisan, disgraceful Obamafest” instead of a moment of inspiration and leadership. Even though we waited for an hour, and the news leaked via the media before Obama could even speak, it was still important to hear him confirm such a headline.

When asked why the President’s announcement was such a “disgrace” the teacher responded, “He claimed so much credit for himself. It was selfish, childish, and borderline offensive.”

Not only did his mentality scare me, but his career choice as well. Nowhere in President Obama’s announcement did he say “I killed Bin Laden” but rather, he gave the go ahead to the Special Forces to handle business. Speaking in terms of duties related to the office is what any president would have done.
Consequently, the true disgrace may be this closed minded educator of America’s youth…Is the focus on Obama’s responsibilty a common thought and/or reaction?

-Terri.I (@TnTerrii)

image source: UNDEFEATED

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