Beautiful Morning…how fresh is a fresh start really?

<*>”Each day’s another chance to do the things I could’ve/
Done the day before, but I didn’t and I known I should’ve…”
-Phonte (of Little Brother) “Beautiful Morning”

Consider that as what THIS is. It’s one of those “new days, new me” posts but with some background music via Little Brother. (More on that album to come…get it!).

Music gets me up, gets me going, gets me motivated and gets me over. So its about time to put those sober (and drunk) thoughts to “paper”.
This site’s been here awaiting greatness to be scribbled alllll over it as a creative hot-bed for me, my peers and an audience.
Music was the easy start-point coming from a light (very LIGHT) background in some music commentary in college days.
But I’m opinionated, I’m a pain in the ass, I’m complicated, I’m human….and honestly, 78% of the time, I’m 98% right, so you’re welcome in advance.

If I don’t commit this to page, then only the people closest to me would have to suffer. Take my own great advice, Share the wealth, spark a conversation, MOVE forward.


Dope speech, dope minds, this blogging really aint that hard…See y’all soon!

“I mean, dope beats, dope rhymes, this hip hop really ain’t that hard man….what else yall want?”


😉 *bonus track – “Never Enough” —

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